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10 Exciting Benefits of Having Anal Intercourse. Check It Out!

If you haven’t delved into the world of anal intercourse just yet, then you may be missing out on something different and exciting in your sex life. Maybe you’ve given it a thought, but you’re unsure on whether you want to do it or not.

After all, sticking it out at the back door doesn’t seem like a great idea at first. Surprisingly, more men are interested in engaging this act than women. For reasons females only know of course. But little did you know that anal sex has benefits as well? You never thought about that, do you? Certainly it’s not for everyone, but you should definitely give it a try.

Once you find out these benefits to be intriguing, you may find yourself entering the realm of the back door later. Read on to find out!

#1. Keeps your immune system in good condition.

Generally, having intercourse is good for your health and boosts up your immune system. The same way goes for anal sex because of all the exercises and different movements involved.

#2. Clears you out.

Of course, we don’t like to discuss bowel movements here and there, but anal intercourse is actually a good way of clearing you out from behind. The increased movements and activity happening down there helps your bowels moving and makes it much easier for your waste to pass through.

#3. Pleases your partner more.

Men love having varieties and different experiences during intercourse. So they find anal intercourse to be quite pleasing than vaginal sex which ends up pleasing them more than usual.

#4. It also pleasures women as well.

A woman’s anus has a number of nerve endings, in which it triggers feelings of stimulation that greatly arouse women as well. Surprisingly, both benefit in having anal intercourse!

#5. Heightens intimacy between partners.

A strong bond and connection is formed when a couple engages in anal intercourse. It increases closeness and trust between the two, heightening intimacy while fulfilling both of their sexual needs while offering pleasure.#6. Gets rid of fear of pregnancy.

Couples also enjoy the benefits of having anal intercourse knowing pregnancy won’t happen. This makes their intimacy moments more deeper and allows them to freely express their feelings for each other without any fear. So stick that shaft on the back!

#7. Semen benefits.

A man’s semen is like a woman’s vitamin. It acts as an anti-depressant, improves sleep quality, heighten mental alertness and potentially increase a woman’s libido. These benefits are also met when a couple engages in anal intercourse!

#8. Offers variety in your sex life.

One way to add spark and intimacy in bed is by trying different things you’ve never done before. And if you haven’t tried anal intercourse yet, this will definitely spice your sex life, making things feel exciting and new! You’ll never get bored when you try it with your partner!

#9. Great alternative to period sex.

We all know how girls behave during their periods. Some won’t even bother having intercourse at all. It seems messy and stressful, so a great alternative to this is by trying out anal intercourse!

#10. It’s definitely exciting!

Anal intercourse is something not a lot of couples engage in, and if you think it’s finally time to give it a shot, you’ll definitely won’t regret it! What’s more exciting than banging your partner in her anus right? So give it a try, and spice things up!

Hopefully you’ll be able to reap these benefits of having anal sex. It’s definitely exciting and thrilling, so the next time you and your partner decide to have sexy time, consider trying this out!

What do you think of having anal intercourse? Let us know your thoughts, ideas and opinions by leaving your comments below!

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10 Exciting Benefits of Having Anal Intercourse. Check It Out!

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