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10 Symptoms Of The ‘Silent Killer’ That Women Should Never Ignore!

Based on the research and statistics of experts, they claim that more than 550 women are losing their battle against ovarian cancer each year. There are several reasons which could result to ovarian cancer. The most typical causess were age, improper use of contraceptives and genetic predisposition. 
Here are the 10 symptoms of Ovarian Cancer that women should never ignore:
1. Pain in stomach and pelvis
– If you are feeling any pain in this area, you better get check right away.
2. Irregular cycle
– Based on the study woman above 55 years old are more prone to the risks of having ovarian cancer. 
3. Frequent Backaches
-If you do not have any type of joint pain and osteoporosis, then the backaches that you might be feelong is a side effect of having ovarian cancer. 
4. Pain when making love
-There is pressure and pain when having an intercourse or if there is a need to frequently pee that brings pain, see the doctor immediately.
5. Exhaustion without reason
– If you are experiencing loss of appetite, shortness of breath, tired all the time, nausea and dizziness, then there is a huge possibility that you have ovarian cancer.

6. Feeling full all the time
– Most women think that this is just a digestive problem but in reality it is a problem in the ovary. 
7. Vomiting
-When a person is suffering from ovarian cancer, there is also constipation which often leads to weight loss, vomiting and nausea. 
8. Excessive growth of dark hair 
– There are times that women has an abnormal growth in hair while some notices hair loss.
9. Bloated Stomach 
– If your belly swells to a point when it is the same as a pregnant woman’s belly you should seek the advice of an expert.
10. Constipation
-If there is pain in the stomach and digestive problem then there is a problem in the ovary.

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10 Symptoms Of The ‘Silent Killer’ That Women Should Never Ignore!

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