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17-year-old Filipino asked Pia Wurtzbach to be his prom date!

It is undeniable that the beauty of our Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach has been capturing the hearts of her fans, not just that, people have also been admiring her passion and determination in life!
On Thursday, our Queen, Pia Wurtzbach has held a live question and answer portion on her Twitter account, for her to be able to interact with her supporters.
However, there’s one question that has really caught everyone’s attention! 
A Twitter user named Jerel Labra posted a 29-second video on his Twitter account wherein he confidently asked Pia Wurtzbach to go with him to their Prom.

“I may not be as handsome as James Franco or as funny as Seth Rogen, or maybe as ripped as Channing Tatum, but 2 can say this, I am a runner-up. This is my question for you. Pia will you go to prom with me on April 23rd?” He said.

In his surprise, Pia Wurtzbach also created a video and stated her response to his question.

“I’d love to go if my schedule permits. So we’ll see. I can’t promise anything yet right now, but your message was really sweet.” Pia said

Pia also stated that it was truly sweet because that was the first time that a man had the guts to propose to her.

Source: Inquirer

Source: Trending News Portal
17-year-old Filipino asked Pia Wurtzbach to be his prom date!

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