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40-Year-Old Pinay Domestic Helper, Fined HK$800 for Eating HK$100 Worth of Employer’s Meatballs Stored in Fridge

Filipina domestic helper Mildred Nilo Ladia, 40, was fined HK$800 (Php5,100) and probably lost the opportunity of ever finding a job in Hong Kong again after a court found her guilty of stealing and eating HK$100 (Php650) worth of meatballs stored in her employer’s fridge.

Ladia has been previously employed in several households not just in Hong Kong but also in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Malaysia before she began working for barrister Gekko Lan Suet-ying in 2015. She left the Philippines as sole breadwinner to support her three children, with ages ranging from 7 to 20 years old.

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On May 30 last year, Suet-ying went to the police to report the theft of an estimated HK$100 (Php650) worth of meatballs she had in her fridge. According to Suet-ying, some of the meatballs were gone from her fridge, prompting her to report the crime to the cops. The left supposedly happened sometime between March 28 and April 10.

Suet-ying also alleged that Ladia stole two pairs of leather slippers and a designer Agnes b bag.

According to Ladia’s lawyer, her client “values her job enormously” and they are hoping for an absolute discharge despite the accused pleading guilty to eating the meatballs but the judge believes the case was not just theft but also a breach of trust.

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Tremendous trust is placed on a domestic worker by her employer,” Eastern Court magistrate Jason Wan Siu-ming said during the sentencing.

But instead of imposing immediate imprisonment, Siu-ming only fined Ladia HK$800 as the stolen object was a food item and that she had actually paid for it when her employer deducted the amount from her salary after the theft was discovered.

She probably will lose her job and the opportunity to work in Hong Kong, which is a rather severe impact,” the judge added.

Indeed, the loss of her job and the opportunity to work in Hong Kong again has lasting consequences on the domestic helper who might never find another job outside the Philippines again.

But why did she have to steal food from her employer in the first place?

In Hong Kong, employers can choose whether they will give their helpers free food or just an allowance of HK$995 (Php6,400) a month on top of a HKD4,210 (Php27,000) statutory salary. It seems that Ladia and her barrister employer had entered into the latter contract; thus, she is not allowed to eat food from her employer’s kitchen.

It is just so sad that she had to resort to stealing to have something to eat.

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