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5 Kids Walk On Stage. The Second They Turn Around, You’ll Be WOW’ed!

The Jackson Five is a band formed in the year 1964. It consisted of five members and one of them was Michael Jackson. If you are familiar with this group, then you must have heard of their song “I Want You Back”, which is the first single they recorded.

In the following video, you get to see five elementary school students dancing to this song. Their names are Jalen, Ryan, Eugene, Jelani, and Anthony.

Not only is their performance cute, but also incredible at the same time. While we don’t know whether or not they won the talent contest that day, but it is certainly one of the best children’s performances you will ever see.

If you are impressed by their talents, show them support by sharing their video with all your friends!

Watch it below.

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5 Kids Walk On Stage. The Second They Turn Around, You’ll Be WOW’ed!

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