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7 signs of cervical cancer that women should take notice of!

One of the factors that causes the Cervical Cancer is the Human papilomavirus or the HPV Infection which is often gotten after having multiple intercourse partners, too much use of birth control pills, and smoking.
Here are the signs that you needed to take notice of, and if you do visit the gynecologist immediately. 
1. Pain in the legs, hips and back
– If ever the internal organs gets compressed, the blood is having a difficulty going to the other parts of the body causing pain. 
2. Problems in the Urinary system
– Once the cervix swells, the urine does not pass immediately.
3. Pain and bleeding
There would be unusual bleeding in the private part. 

4. Anemia
– You will often feel dizzy and tired because of the low blood pressure that you have. 
5. Warts 
For this disease, little warts will start to appear. This is one of the redflags. 
6. Strange discharges
There would be a discharge that is unusual. This happens because the urine walls are disembarrassing. 
7. Weight loss 
After the walls of the cervix swell, it would lead to the loss of weight. 

Source: Cracker Daily
7 signs of cervical cancer that women should take notice of!

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