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71-Year-Old Man Has 17 Freezers At Home. What He Keeps Inside? UNBELIEVABLE!

Allan Law worked as a teacher in the Inner City Minneapolis Public School System for 32 years. After retiring, he decided to help the homeless people by making them sandwiches everyday.

Every night, he would drive around Minneapolis in his minivan to distribute his sandwiches. Due to this, he is now known as “The Sandwich Man”.

Being the sole delivery person, he works from 9 PM to 10 AM. He explains that the reason he works overnight is because that’s when most shelters in the city are closed, which means thousands of homeless people are forced to live outside in the cold.

Throughout his life, Allan has always been helping the poor and the vulnerable. In total, he has volunteered more than 175,000 hours. Believe it or not, he also has spent nearly $500,000 over the years serving those in need.

Watch the video below for the entire story!

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71-Year-Old Man Has 17 Freezers At Home. What He Keeps Inside? UNBELIEVABLE!

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