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A Man Waits In Line.. But, When He Catches The Coach Doing THIS To A Kid? He Is SHOCKED.

As one man waited in line to order ice cream, he overheard something very disturbing. A little league coach bought ice cream for everyone except his own son. Coach claims that his son made a mistake and it cost them the game.

Here’s where things go from sad to disturbing. The little boy apologizes profusely to his dad/coach but it doesn’t make any difference. The father tells his son that he’s a “loser” and doesn’t deserve to eat ice cream.

Feeling extremely upset by what he’s seen, the customer decides to confront the dad. He isn’t looking to beat him up or cause a scene in front of the kids. The man simply delivers a heart melting speech on life and what it means to be a father.

As the moment becomes emotional, What Would You Do? host, John Quinones, enters the ice cream parlor. He tells the kind stranger that this has all been a set up. The video ends with the man delivering even more tear inducing wisdom.

See the amazing moment for yourself. Check it out below.

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A Man Waits In Line.. But, When He Catches The Coach Doing THIS To A Kid? He Is SHOCKED.

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