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A Mother Shows Everyone How a 'Small Battery' Could End a Child's Life Within Few Hours!

Most of the toys that our children has are those that needed to feed the batteries before it works. The energy that comes from the battery supplies the toys to make it more interesting for the eyes of kids, it could light or move the toys. But, some people didn’t know that it could bring danger to your kid’s life.

Sheena Briones-Villanueva a mother who posted her experiment on her Facebook account about the danger of this battery in human’s life. She has a 19-months old son that is why she come up with this idea to see what will happen if he accidentally swallow it.

She placed a piece of “button” battery in one sausage meat. Surprisingly, after two hours and forty-five minutes, the part of meat that has been touched by the battery turned into rotten black color.

A two year old girl was died after she accidentally swallowed a piece of a button battery, Her name is Brianna Florer, after two hours of it inside her body, her skin became blue and she was coughing of blood. The poison immediately spread on her body that causes death.


Source: ControversialFiles
A Mother Shows Everyone How a ‘Small Battery’ Could End a Child’s Life Within Few Hours!

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