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A Woman Opens Her Mailbox.. When She Sees THIS Inside? She Is Left In Complete SHOCK.

On June 7th 2016, Reddit user, GobyHappy, marked a very special moment in her life. After 4 years of hard work, she finally graduated from college. It was a very proud moment for her and her family.

As the congratulations poured in, something downright incredible happened. In the mail, she received a handwritten congratulations note from her deceased father. The note simply contained a username and password to a email account.

When GobyHappy logged into the account, she couldn’t help but break into tears. Her father did something so incredibly beautiful that it caused her story to go viral on Facebook. People from all across the world are now bawling at his gesture.

Take a look below to see her entire story.

Today was my graduation and my dad couldn’t be there because he passed away just last month. Today, I got a card in his handwriting congratulating me. Written in the card was an email account and password, which I thought was strange. I logged in, and there are hundreds of emails, all from him. The subjects are all different events that may take place in my life and some more “random” ones like “Open when you had an embarrassing moment” or “Open when mom you and mom are fighting.” Each email contains a word document and a video attachment.


I opened the graduation one, and I am in absolute tears. I never thought I’d be able to really hear his voice again or see him again. This one was recorded the day he and my mom broke the news to us about how many more months he has to live due to his cancer. I know this because he’s wearing the shirt I bought him, and he wore the shirt the whole day before he noticed the “m” sticker on it. This was before he started chemo. I forgot how he looked and sounded like before he had cancer. I don’t know when the others are recorded.

I’m sorry if this isn’t the place for it. I wanted to share it, but I didn’t know to whom. This is the best gift I could have ever asked for: and infinite amount of time with my dad. Now, he’s with me forever, wherever, and whenever. I love him and I miss him.

Most start with “Open when…” I shortened the titles to get to the point

  • Birthdays 23 – 80 (each is a separate video)
  • Graduate school Graduation
  • PhD Graduation
  • First real job
  • First time being fired
  • Landing dream job
  • Getting engaged
  • “Show to that bastard you’re going to marry”
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Wedding with “permission to play at wedding”
  • Coming back from honeymoon
  • First kid
  • Second kid
  • Third kid
  • Fourth kid
  • Fifth kid
  • Adopt a kid
  • Lose a child
  • Get annoyed with child
  • Regret having children (as a joke)
  • You can’t sleep
  • It’s raining and you’re reminded of me
  • You fuck up big time
  • You’re arrested
  • You need comfort
  • You’re mad at God
  • You’re happy
  • You feel depressed
  • You feel alone
  • You feel annoyed
  • You feel scared
  • You want to hurt yourself
  • You forgot how to laugh
  • Disneyland 100th anniversary
  • Mom finally cleans out the garage
  • Aliens invade
  • Aliens don’t invade
  • McDonalds no longer has $1 menu

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A Woman Opens Her Mailbox.. When She Sees THIS Inside? She Is Left In Complete SHOCK.

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