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Admission that Bruno Mars is gay not true

Why are we so anxious when we hear some male celebrity admit he’s gay? When rumors floated that Taylor Lautner admitted he was gay, the story picked up so much hype before the male actor finally was able to dispel the rumors. And when reports came in that Bruno Mars was gay, once again people come running for confirmation.

CNN iReport was the one responsible for posting the supposedly “Bruno Mars coming out of the closet” story.

It also went trending on Twitter. Another source claims Bruno Mars made the admission on a small Chicago radio station, saying he was gay. The admission was supposedly under the guise of April Fools’ Day first to simply to test the reaction of the public, and then a follow-up was made saying the admission was really for real.

A rep for Bruno Mars has made a statement about the issue, saying it is absolutely false and fabricated.



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