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After Sleeping For 33 Hours, Student Sees Visions of Dolphy in Hell! Watch The Shocking Video Here!

There are many unexplained happenings in recorded history, some easier to explain than others. Many skeptics brush off these unusual occurrences as mere coincidence or look for scientific explanations to describe them. One such strange occurrence is when people receive visions in their dreams. 
We have no way of verifying the truth of the student’s statement. Indeed the following story could very well be a fabricated story or hoax.
Whatever you believe in, it’s best to keep an open mind while reading this article.
In a shocking and rather controversial video, student Angelica Zambrano said that she slept for 33 hours during which she claimed to have seen visions of heaven and hell.
At the beginning of her alleged visions, she first descended into hell where she saw many deceased celebrities and personalities. Zambrano says the celebrities were doing what they were known for in life – known singers sang and dancers danced.
Among the famous personalities she saw were King of Comedy Dolphy, King of Pop Michael Jackson and even Pope John Paul II. According to the student, many of them were suffering and begged her for help. The spirits of the celebrities were telling her that she shouldn’t be there. 
Then Zambrano claimed she saw her father who begged her for her help. 
With tears in her eye, the girl recounted her father’s warning, “Anak wag ka dito. Masasaktan ka, di ka nararapat nandito. Sabihin mo sa kanila maglingkod sila dahil mahirap ang kalagayan dito.” 
She saw that her father’s body withered down to skin and bones, pleading for a few drops of water. Zambrano supposedly witnessed her father doing everything he’s ever done on Earth in hell over-and-over again. He was surrounded by three demons who appeared to be praying over him. 
Then suddenly she saw a giant hand descend from above and grab her.
Want to hear more frightening details on the little girl’s visions? Watch this video!

Source: Cracker Daily
After Sleeping For 33 Hours, Student Sees Visions of Dolphy in Hell! Watch The Shocking Video Here!

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