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Allan’s ‘Laglag Pustiso’ Moment In Eat Bulaga! Hilarious!

Allan K is one of the original members of the host of Eat Bulaga. His jokes and punch lines brought laughter to the Dabarkads and the viewers of the show. 
He is one of the best hosts, for he is a multi-talented person. He could dance, act and sing at the same time. 
He is also a part of the Bulagaan Classroom where the hosts act out as if they were students then they would give a knock knock to the audience. 
Allan K’s priceless and most memorable episode in the show was the one where his dentures suddenly fell.
He was too embarrassed and hid behind the table of the set. Joey, Jose and Vic Sotto could not help themselves from laughing so hard. 

Source: YouTube

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Allan’s ‘Laglag Pustiso’ Moment In Eat Bulaga! Hilarious!

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