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Amalia Fuentes stabbed by tenant with umbrella

Kapatid Network TV5 News reported a shocking event last night. Amalia Fuentes was stabbed in the back, literally! With an umbrella!

According to the news report, Amalia Fuentes was with his son Jeric at New Manila, Quezon City. They were talking to a man and woman who were their tenants. The latter apparently issued a bouncing check to Amalia. The tenants then got violent, perhaps because of Amalia’s harsh words. Jeric was punched several times by the husband and was even hit by the back of a gun. Amalia meanwhile was hit several times by the wife and then was stabbed with an umbrella.

Amalia Fuentes and her son Jeric are presently confined at St. Luke’s hospital for injuries sustained from the couple. The tenants who caused the injuries have been reported to the police and still at large.

Wonder what Annabelle Rama has to say about this…

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