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Amazing: This Magical Grain Is All You Need To Have Smooth And Fair Skin!

Rice skin care has been used for centuries, as a skin regimen, in Asian countries. In fact, Japanese Geishas are using rice powder in their beauty habits, that’s why, even if they are using heavy makeups, they were able to keep their skin smooth and porcelain-like.

Rice Flour has the ability to brighten, tone, increase in collagen, and increase in cell growth. It is also rich in antioxidants, like vitamin E. If you don’t have a rice flour, you can always make one by using a mortar and pestle, or any means necessary to create a rice powder.
Green Tea which helps alleviate the puffiness and any red marks on your skin. High as well in antioxidants.
Honey is high in antioxidants, and is a natural antibacterial.
Bowl just a simple bowl. A round open-top container.

Rice Mask Ingredients:

  1. Prepare the bowl
  2. Put the 1/2 tbsp of rice flour into the bowl
  3. Make yourself a cup of green tea, then put a teaspoon of green tea extract into the bowl
  4. Get a teaspoon of honey, then pour it in the bowl with the rice flour and green tea extract.


  1. Wash your face
  2. Apply the mixture in circular motion. Avoid the eye area
  3. Leave the mixture for about 15-20 minutes
  4. Rinse
According to Rob, OnTheCheapTip, you could feel the difference in your skin right after you use this Rice Mask. This is a very good tip, especially if you are on a tight budget, on how to get a better looking skin.

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Source: TNP / YouTube

Source: ControversialFiles
Amazing: This Magical Grain Is All You Need To Have Smooth And Fair Skin!

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