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American girl named Charlotte understands Tagalog and sings Bisayan song

A video of an American girl named Charlotte Goldsmith nearly our(4) years old answers Tagalog questions and sings Eency Weency Spider in Bisayan version.

As of this posting, the video shared from Facebook page Pinoy Joke of the day already receives 11,149 likes and shared 17,196 times.

From the video, a Filipina woman asks typical questions being asked to kids of Charlotte’s age. The voice behind the camera asks questions in Tagalog, what is your name, how old are you, where do you live, name of your father, mother, where is your father / mother. Charlotte’s answers them all instantaneously.

After asking lots of questions, the woman then told the girl to sing Eency Weency Spider in Bisayan language and later Leron-leron Sinta (Tagalog nursery rhyme).

Afterwards, the woman ask her to count numbers from one to ten. While the nanny (presume) counting in English, Charlotte counts in Tagalog.

Charlotte and her nanny ended the video saying “Paalam” or goodbye.

Young American girl understands Tagalog and sings Bisaya

Checkout Charlotte’s video below.

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