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American Idol Season 10:Haley Reinhart out


With 95 million votes, America bid their good bye to Haley Reinhart.

In the top 3 finals of the American Idol yesterday, Haley was unfortunate and look so shock when she was called to be out the contest.

Who are left?

Well, the young country singer Scotty McCreery of Garner, North Carolina who was unexpectedly made it to the finals. And lastly,Lauren Alaina of Rossville, Georgia which I didn’t actually expect to reach the final.

Haley Reinhart sang You Oughta Know of Alanis Morisette during their top 3 elimination

In the early episodes of the contest, as a regular viewer, I was actually rooting on Casey Abrams who was voted off during the heights of the celebration of the royal wedding.

Let’s see who among Scotty and Lauren will be the next American Idol.

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