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And yet another one of ABS-CBN’s fake news got busted on social media!

If there is a competition for the number 1 spot for fake news on social media, ABS-CBN and the PDI could be battling neck and neck for the grand prize.

As the battle rages on in Marawi City and in nearby areas, the major news media outlets are competing to out-scoop one another, not just for bragging rights but from the economic point of view.

A case in point was the recent Facebook post of the media news giant ABS-CBN News regarding the alleged takeover of the militants of Lanao del Sur Electric Cooperative compound located in Barangay Cadungan.

Credits to Sass Rogando Sasot

Credits to Sass Rogando Sasot

On Twitter, ABS-CBN reporter Chiara Zambrano tweeted the same news update about LASURECO.

However, according to the news update from News5, ABS-CBN News’ status post made earlier is but a hoax.

GM Dipatuan-Ducul of LASURECO talked to News5 dismissed the ABS-CBN report and quote: “Hindi totoo na tinake over kami, pinalabas lang kami sa area para hindi madamay sa putukan.”

Socmed blogger Sass Rogando Sasot shared the meme on social media, apparently to embarrass ABS-CBN who has been critical of President Duterte.

Let us read the comments on social media below.

Shyr Dg remarked: “Kunti nlng tlga maasahan na journalist and news company ngayon. Mbuti pa bloggers tama pa info. Eto sila? Assuming lagi, d mahilig sa verification.”

Maricar Almirante wrote: “People should just stop patronizing abs cbn, inquirer and rappler! They are just loving the attention. In their business, There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

Ariesa Ynzon Robles-Marek asked if this could be grounds for suspension of ABS-CBN’s franchise. “Can this be used as grounds for suspension of their franchise? Pati na yung ginawa ng Inquirer? Dapat tinatanggalan na ng mga lisensya ang mga ito at sinasampahan ng kasong pagtraydor sa bayan. Siguro naligaw yung mga fantasy/fictional writers nila ng department.”

Elizabeth Obera commented: “grabe ang abs cbn napakabias, gusto talagang takutin ang mga tao at palbasing sobrang gulo at nasakop n ng mga maute ang halos lahat ng pasilidad, they sow terror among us for the whole world to see para maatrsan ang mga and n etors sa atin. Ung ano ang itinanim niyo siya niyong aanhin, hindi natutulog ang Diyos”

As of this writing, the post has gathered 1,539 shares, 7,239 reactions and 419 comments on Facebook.

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And yet another one of ABS-CBN’s fake news got busted on social media!

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