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Annabelle Rama to Cristy Fermin: Better shut up if you know what’s good for you!

Annabelle Rama made a stern warning to showbiz host Cristy Fermin. “You better shut up if you know what’s good for you!”

In an interview with the Inquirer , Cristy Fermin was asked regarding the ongoing feud between Ruffa Gutierrez and the showbiz show Paparazzi. According to Cristy, Ruffa was briefed earlier what would be asked during the show. That’s why she was surprised with Ruffa’s violent reaction afterwards on Twitter and her decision to leave the show. Cristy said she felt sorry for the writers of Paparazzi who gave much effort for the episode, for them to be insulted by Ruffa and then her mother Annabelle Rama.

Ruffa‘s mother Annabelle Rama as always was quick to answer Cristy Fermin‘s statements. According to Annabelle, yes Ruffa was briefed. But she wasn’t told what would be the questions to be asked.

“Yes Ruffa knew, especially about the whispering. But she wasn’t aware about the questions to be asked, and that all of them would be foul and offensive. That’s why it came as a shock to her.”

Annabelle Rama then warned Cristy Fermin that it was best that she kept quiet. Else Cristy would feel Annabelle’s wrath once more.

“So Cristy, you better shut up if you know what’s good for you! You don’t want the two of us to clash a second time around! You were among those who whispered to Ruffa, but I won’t include you. It was your fellow host that was gay, he was the one who whispered something foul to Ruffa.(referring to Mr. Fu)”

Cristy Fermin was found guilty of libel way back in 2008 for an article she wrote about Annabelle Rama and husband Eddie Gutierrez. Annabelle was probably referring to this when she warned Cristy that she would feel her wrath again.


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