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Archie Comics, Leads gay/same-sex marriage in comics

Life with Archie

Before Green Lantern as gay and same sex marriage in Marvel’s X-Men or even first before Pres. Obama shows support for same-sex marriage in U.S., Archie Comics claim that they were to release comic character depicting gay couple.

Life with Archie

For 70 years, Archie storyline has been running as one of America’s most popular comic series but being gay is really something new for its creators. In the  January 2012 issue of Archie Comics, Archie married Kevin Keller (right) who’s an active U.S. military officer.

CEO Jon Goldwater of Archie Comics told TMZ,

“We love the fact that everyone is following Archie’s lead. We broke new ground. We have led in so many areas. We are proud we are first.”

“The more people are supportive of this cause, I think it’s only going to be helpful in making gay marriage legal in as many places as possible.”

Although gay and same-sex marriage is not so complicated issue, do you think these actions from comics creators gains support to the issue or not?

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