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Ark Music’s statement Over Rebecca Black’s Copyright Infringement Allegation

Follow up on Rebecca Black pulled-out her music video Friday, Ark Music Factory issued a statement regarding the copyright issue on the said Youtube video.

Here’s the statement of Ark Music Factory,

“We’re disappointed, having been in good faith negotiations with Rebecca Black and her representatives for months regarding any open issues,” said a spokesperson for Ark. “There’s been an ongoing, open dialogue with our company. So we were blindsided to get a Take Down Notice – with no notice – alleging copyright infringement instead of a call or email from Rebecca’s representatives.”

“Our use of the video has fully been authorized (as evidenced by four uninterrupted months and 160 million-plus viewings without objection) by both Ms. Black and the copyright holder,” the rep pointed out further. “Regardless, we are going to continue to take the high road and work out the complaint as soon as possible so that the million-plus people who watch Friday for free each day can continue to enjoy the video.”


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