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Atty. Bruce Rivera gives two cents’ worth on Trump invitation of Duterte to White House

By the time Duterte’s critics wake up this morning, they will be in a for a big surprise after Duterte got an invite from Trump to visit the White House. [CNN Philippines]

Several local media outlets reported the breaking news including CNN Philippines with the headline: “Trump invites Philippines’ Duterte to the White House”.

Atty. Bruce Rivera, a staunch Duterte supporter on social media, celebrated the unprecedented news by rubbing salt to the wounded egos of Duterte critics with a no holds barred article on Facebook and read:


Honestly, I am officially happy that Duterte has the respect of all the leaders of major powers. That shows influence, that shows power, that shows leadership. No person in the Philippines can do that. Not even De Lima, Robredo or any LP stalwart. And Robredo should be bothered why De Lima is included in the TIME list and she is not. After all, she outranks De Lima by a mile. In fact, Robredo should be bothered why Ressa is the sexiest by Esquire’s choice.
But I am now digressing.

The real story here is how a person can be a world leader without resorting to any form of intimidation. Duterte showed that. He just employed the age-old Filipino tradition of kumparehan to a new level. He just talked like any Filipino father. Protecting his home while respecting the home of the other fathers. He did not resort to the so-called “gang mentality” that past leaders adhered to. He did not approach Putin, Trump or any heads of state with the offer of becoming an ally. He simply talked to them like any father would talk to another.

And that is what anti-Duterte people do not get. His street smarts. That is his brilliance.
Many yellows used how he talked to China as an indication that he has kowtowed to Chinese interest. But he did not. That is the same diplomatic sense he used on Putin and Trump. He spoke their language. And what do they have in common? They are all fathers. And what do fathers want? The best for their children.

And it will take years and years of running a city for you to get that experience. The Filipinos do not realize that the Senate is not a good training ground for running a country. If we really want real executors, we have to see beyond the Senate.

That is if we do not go to federalism. Then that is another story.”

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Atty. Bruce Rivera gives two cents’ worth on Trump invitation of Duterte to White House

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