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Awesome, Superb, Spectacular: Transformers 3, Dark of the Moon

A NASA Top secret mission when they landed to the Moon Using Apollo 11. It was Sentinel Prime’s Ship that was hit by the decepticons when a planned escape out of Cybertron. It crashed on the Moon’s Dark Part where Earth’s Telescopic eyes can’t see.



Sentinel Prime carries along with him their secret Technology. A Technology no one on earth has. It has the capability to transport Cybertron to Earth. Only 5 Pillars had been left in the ship together with the deactivated Sentinel. When Man launches Apollo 11 on the moon. They collected the 5 Pillars and bring home a part of the ship. It was then when Optimus Prime saw the part of Sentinel ship and get anguish with the FBI. Asking why they didn’t inform them about the mission. With Optimus Prime’s Decision they get back to the moon and check sentinel’s ship. They bring Sentinel together with them back to Earth. With Optimus Prime’s regenerating capability to put back life. Sentinel Prime came a live.

And the rest was a highlights of Extravagant Super effects of Steven Spielberg. A falling Building with smashing and flying trains and cars. The movie is indeed a must see for everyone.


You can check the Plot here.

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