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Azkal’s Phil Younghusband admits “exclusively dating” Angel Locsin


Phil Younghusband admits in ABS-CBN late night entertainment show SNN that he and Angel Locsin are “exclusively dating”.

Phil Younghusband and Angel Locsin were spotted in Hongkong last month as proof that they were out together.

In Boy Abunda’s interview with Phil, he told how he and Angel met and his

“The first meeting of me and Angel, I met the family. I came on my own and it was nice.

“I got to meet her dad, her brothers and sisters, and her friends and family.

“It was good. They made it easy for me.” he said.


Phil also said that he’s so amazed with charity works of the actress when he accompanied her saying,

“I wanted to be with Angel on the day and she’s very…one of the kindest people, nicest people you ever meet.

“What she does for charity is amazing and I wanted to be with her on that day,”

What can you say about the two? Are in favor for the love team, PhilGel?


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