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Bayo’s Mixed Race Fashion Campaign draws ‘mix’ reactions, racist?

Bayo Ad Campaign Mix Race

Bayo’s mixed raced fashion ad campaign created a buzz, finding it racism by most Twitter users.

The very purpose of an ad campaign is to gain publicity and for any company or even personality, whether it’s a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ publicity, it’s still publicity, right? In the world of click and hit, Bayo even gain more as it became one of the trending topics in Twitter for the past hours.

Bayo’s What’s Your Mix headline seems interesting though and its campaign states,

“Nationalities, moods, personalities and of course your fashion pieces. Call it biased, but the mixing and matching of different nationalities with Filipino blood is almost a sure formula for someone beautiful and world class.”

For some, interprets the campaign as if it demands to be a mixed race to be beautiful, quoting Twitter user Joshua,

That Bayo ad campaign has been on my mind for a few days now. The message is….you have to be mixed race Filipino to be beautiful? WTF?

Celebrity Bianca Gonzales joined in with a tweet post ,

@iamsuperbianca: 100% pinay can be beautiful and world class too, i believe there is no “sure formula”.”- kaya nga 100% gwapo ako ate, buo!

Another tweet  by Marikit Singson,

The campaign that said being Filipino isn’t enough. You should be 1/2 another nationality to amount to something preferably Caucasian. #Bayo

A wall post from Bayo’s Facebook page says,

Mila Tan I don’t get it…it doesn’t seem that you are proud of being pinoy. Looks like only those of a mixed race can be fabulously pinay. How sad

But for Dodge Ronquillo he didn’t find the campaign offensive saying

I don’t see the racist tone here. I actually like it. 🙂 “@mcmanaloto@mashable picked up nga on the #Bayo campaign 

Checkout some of the Twitter streams about #Bayo below.


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