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BEST JOB! This Woman Hugs Baby Pandas And Gets Paid $32,000!

This woman who works at the China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center has become the envy of many after they found out that she earns $32,000 a year and all that she needs to do is to hug and take good care of the baby pandas.
A lot of people are really in love with the charm of the Pandas, most of them even stated that they are willing to own a panda and they’ll surely take good care of it.
According to the reports, this woman who was identified as Heng Yi works at the Panda center and gets paid $32,000 including free meals and accommodation along with the SUV use.

“Many people at our center do the same job, but the salary was never that high. But we want more people to pay attention to giant pandas’ protection work and participate.” She stated.

The manager of the corporation, then stated that in order for them to fit in this job, they should atleast be an applicant that is a white-collar worker from big cities.

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BEST JOB! This Woman Hugs Baby Pandas And Gets Paid ,000!

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