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Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio,sweehearts?


Many Internet enthusiasts are on hunt for the alleged nude photos of Blake Lively. Well, you can’t find it here either.

Yesterday, Blake Lively’s rep refuted at PEOPLE the alleged photos that are surfacing online purportedly showing Blake Lively naked are “100 percent FAKE,”. “Blake has never taken nude photos of herself.”, said Blake’s rep.

Blake Lively, 23, the star of Gossip Girl and movies including The Town and Green Lantern, plans to fight the dissemination of the images.

Lively’s rep:

“Blake will pursue legal action against the publication which initially published these photographs and any other outlets that republish them in any manner.”

Source : Entertainment

Today, ABC reported posted a photo of Blake and Leonardo DiCaprio together close together and also photographed holding hands. US Weekly’s reporter Jennifer Peros commented,

“It’s one of the most shocking couples we’ve seen in such a long time,”

“For Leo, to date this innocent actress is definitely different from his past resume of girls,”

“He’s always been known as this partier. But ever since he’s been in Europe with Blake, they’ve had these quiet sit-down dinners.”

It seems like Blake had changed Leo after all. It must be love.

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