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I didn’t knew it would take too long for the Google engineer’s to work out on the It was supposedly a 1 hour maintenance issue but still now until yesterday the free webshosting site are still on read only mode. No comments or post can be made  All comments and posts  made after 7:37 a.m. PDT on May 11, 2011, removed.

According to Google their engineers are rolling out a schedule maintenance and that their engineers are working hard for to get back online. They also said that this schedule maintenance is not related with the april redesign of blogger.

I just do hope tomorrow that all this mess will be resolved.  I just missed blogging on my personal site. how about you? Are you still checking back and forth for your blog to post a new article. Sometimes its better to have a self-hosted site rather than free. But who cares anyway.

Here’s a screenshot of


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