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BREAKING NEWS: Terrible Road Encounter Goes Viral Online!

An unbelievable road encounter captured the attention of the netizens. 
The video was posted by a man named Timothy John Remorca who was driving down the road of Aurora Boulevard when he spotted these 3 white Toyota Hi-ace who were all acting out as if they own the road. They were even using ‘wang-wangs’ which are only accepted in ambulance, firetrucks, and police cars. 
The man claims that one of the white van blocked him asking him what his problem was. Until, the three men were already ganging up on him. One man said that they needed to go to ‘Central’ claiming that it was an emergency
The other man was angered by Timothy’s reply so he started out pulling his arm out the window. 
However, there are some netizens who said that he should have not raced with them and provoked them. He could have been a defensive driver instead.

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BREAKING NEWS: Terrible Road Encounter Goes Viral Online!

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