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Call Center Agent and Family Breadwinner Robbed and Slain On the Guadalupe Bridge!

 A shot to the head took the life of a female call center agent after a man gunned her down and took her belongings as she was walking along the Guadalupe Bridge in Mandaluyong City. 
She was rushed to the hospital but, unfortunately, doctors were unable to save her.
24-year old Eleanor Gonzales was the breadwinner of her family and worked as a qualitative assurance analyst in the call center-filled business hub of Makati City
She died on Friday afternoon, February 3, after she fought for her life at the Mandaluyong City Medical Center where she was rushed to by concerned citizens. 
According to initial investigations, police said that Eleanor was on her way to work and that it is possible that she tried to fight off the still unidentified suspect, as officials saw a strap along the crime scene – a possible sign of struggle during the fatal robbery. 
Senior Inspector Jose Villarta, Mandaluyong Police Criminal Investigation Chief, said that the closed circuit television cameras failed to capture the robbery homicide.
The victim’s roommate reported that Eleanor had been missing for two days after she left their apartment for work on the same early morning that she was slain. 
Eleanor’s mother, Erlinda, said Gonzales must have spontaneously protected the bag carrying a borrowed mobile phone at that time. “She had no cell phone of her own. Her old phone was not working,” Erlinda said.
“Eleanor was a very kind daughter. She never answers back. She had big dreams for us. She wanted to save up to give us a house, and send her youngest sibling to school,” Erlinda told the Inquirer. 
Her officemates also had nothing but kind words for Eleanor as she was a very hard-worker and started work two hours earlier than her assigned shift just so she could earn more money to send to her family in Zamboanga. 
Authorities said that they will put more men on duty in the poorly-lit area of Guadalupe bridge as a response to the tragedy.
Watch the full report below:

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Source: Cracker Daily
Call Center Agent and Family Breadwinner Robbed and Slain On the Guadalupe Bridge!

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