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Cebu’s top druglord, Jaguar dead; Mayor Osmena breaks good news on Facebook

The ever elusive “Jaguar” finally meets his match in the person of Mayor Tomas Osmena of Cebu.

In September 2015, the home of Jeffrey “Jaguar” Diaz in Duljo Fatima, Cebu City, known as the “second biggest drug lord in Central Visayas” was raided by police operatives.

For the first time in a decade, the police conducted the biggest operation against the seemingly untouchable “Jaguar” who enjoyed protection from corrupt policemen.

The operation was authorized by 12 search warrants issued by Regional Trial Court Executive Judge Soliver Peras and was pushed because of consistent demands made by Police Regional Office 7 Director Prudencio Tom Bañas, Santander told Sunstar Cebu.

The police raid yielded P4 million worth of white crystals believed to be shabu, but no arrests were made as the suspect and his entire family left the compound 4 days earlier where the notorious “Jaguar” oversaw his lucrative illegal drug trade.

Moving forward, when Mayor Duterte won the Presidency and the comebacking Tom Osmena won the Mayoralty race in Cebu City and started hunting down the various criminal syndicates in Cebu City via a reward system, “Jaguar” felt the heat.

Recently, he sent feelers via a radio interview and that he is willing to “change occupation” and cooperate with the police.

In addition, a news article came out in the Philippine Star about Cebu’s notorious drug lord. “Jaguar” was interviewed in person by the broadsheet’s reporters.

He said he left the illegal drug trade after his wife’s arrest. He even asked forgiveness from the people whose lives were destroyed because of the effects of drugs.

And more importantly, he wants to surrender to President Duterte and rat out all the drug lords operating inside and ouside the Bilibid.

But this is all lie! He was in fact, transferring his base in the Rizal province until his death in las Pinas early dawn today, June 18, 2016.

Check out the Facebook post of Mayor Tom Osmena anoouncing “Jaguar’s” death on Facebook.

Jeffrey “Jaguar” Diaz and one bodyguard were killed as they were rotating among his 8 houses in Las Piñas. He was tracked there by the Regional Intelligence Division-7 headed by Col. Rex Derilo and Regional Special Operations Group-7 headed by Labagnon’s very own Col. George Ylanan.

His statement that he was retiring was a lie. Surveillance revealed that he was setting up a new base of operations in Rizal. Cebu exports many things, but we will not export that.

Have a great weekend 🙂

Any thoughts on this development?

Source: Tomas Osmena

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Cebu’s top druglord, Jaguar dead; Mayor Osmena breaks good news on Facebook

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