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Cesar Montano and Sam Pinto’s love scene in Hitman:long and sizzling!


Cesar Montano attempts to revive the interest in Filipino action movies with his upcoming movie “Hitman“, set to premiere on February 22. His leading lady for the film is no less than FHM’s sexiest woman of 2011 Sam Pinto. The movie hasn’t yet hit the theaters and already there are controversies surrounding Cesar and Sam, one of which is the allegedly “hot and steamy” love scene the two did in the movie.

In an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal, Cesar Montano gave a few details about the film.

“I’m very happy because I’m one of  those who will be a part in reviving Filipino action films for the industry. Iit’s very, very important for us to empower our action movies again.”

“Being the writer, director and producer I was multi-tasking. I had to view things from almost every angle. Good thing I had some great people to work with, like Philip Salvador. With him, things were easy. I didn’t have to direct him, in fact he was the one directing me. It’s great working with him.”

Aside from Philip Salvador, also joining Cesar are Ricky Davao, Mark Herras, Ryan Eigenmann and Joko Diaz. But then it was Sam with which Cesar was repeatedly asked.

His take on Sam Pinto:

” I never regret that I gave her the role. Very professional, a fast learner and very supportive. Never gives up.”

Their love scene?

“I was a bit confused and hesitant with how to do it. I didn’t want her to be offended. On the other hand, I also didn’t want it to lack some elements, which would lead to regrets from the editing staff. What would happen if we looked for certain things, but it’s over. Everything should be there, so we gave it all.”

So did they really get it on?

“When it comes to acting, you have to give it your best, give it all you’ve got.

Cesar’s thoughts after the love scene with Sam:

‘I was really amazed, like wow! Like an earthquake that had an aftershock. You couldn’t forget it.”

Check the movie trailer of Hitman below:

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