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Chae Dong Ha Commits suicide

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The Korean entertainment industry is mourning again after another celebrity committed suicide.

Chae Dong Ha, 30, the former leader and main vocalist of K-pop trio SG Wannabe, apparently hanged himself in his apartment in Bulkwang, Seoul.

His manager found his body in the morning of May 27 and immediately called the police.

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According to Lee Boram, Chae’s former girlfriend, who was a member of the now defunct group SeeYa, said Chae texted her a few days before the suicide but she failed to reply.

Chae initially debuted in the K-pop aspect as a solo creative person in 2002. He then became the leader of SG Wannabe, a triad that debuted in 2004.

SG Wannabe became pop. The groups The Sentimental Chord became the best marketing album in Korea for 2007, garnering SG Wannabe the prestigious Daesang prize in the 22nd Golden Disk Awards.

At the altitude of SG Wannabes popularity, Chae denoted in Jan 2008 that he was going forth the grouping to follow a solo singing vocation and go into playing.


However, Maybe because of his solo career didn’t take off with his solo albums. An autopsy of Chae’s body will be conducted by the police to know the real cause of his death.

Chae’s death came just days after MBC announcer Song Ji Seon committed suicide by jumping off her apartment in Seoul last May 23.

The announcer suffered from personal problems including a baseball player’s denial of their love affair.

Many Korean stars had committed suicide due to their careers.

South Korea has the highest suicide rate among member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Rest In Peace.


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