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Charice, Illuminati?

Charice out from Glee

Charice answered the long time issue, accusing her as member of Illuminati, widely known as the group that will bring a New World Order.

Charice answered the undying speculation on Twitter account if she’s indeed an “Illuminati.”

Charice out from Glee

“@crstinaponce ano ga yan.. bakit naman ako magiging member? porket kanta ko po’y Pyramid, member na? hehehe. pero ayon.. hindi po,” Charice tweeted.

Through her hit song “Pyramid”, an unknown source started to spread the rumor that she became member of the group Illuminati since she’s using the pyramid sign known to be the sign of the said group.

Rumors began circulating that she joined the secret group after the video of her hit song “Pyramid” was released, where she had to do the pyramid sign.

Illuminati’s sign is The All-Seeing Eye, a pyramid with an eye on top.

Aside from Charice, Lady Gaga and the late Michael Jackson were also alleged of being member of the Illuminati.

Meanwhile, Charice or Sunshine Corazon in Glee will not be seen in the upcoming 3rd season the musical drama-comedy TV series.


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