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Charlie Sheen:goodbye to Charlie Harper,welcomes new sitcom?


Charlie Sheen is back again over the Internet searches as one the trending topic today. It has been reported that Two and Half Men creator Chuck Lorre wanted to end Charlie Harper from the sitcom in a tragic incident. And, that would be a scenario where Charlie driving a car over a cliff. Yikes!

Since Charlie Sheen’s cars went down a cliff on Mulholland Drive, it could be a hard hit on Sheen’s part, a very obvious imitating life. As to, Ashton Kutcher’s entrance to the sitcom? Well, speculation is he buys Charlie’s house after Charlie kicks the bucket. How bout that?

Although that’s sort of bad news for Two and Half Men fans who somehow wishes Sheen’s return, a report from RadarOnline seems to cover up that news.
RadarOnline’s source shares,

“Networks and cable are bidding on the show right now, with TBS being the front-runner,”

” Cable makes more sense because it offers more creative freedom. In other words, the show can be raunchier and more outrageous.”

Even more interesting is that,  Charlie Harper may continue to live on on television although it may be gone from CBS’ hit sitcom, RadarOnline’s report said.

Also, it was said that Lionsgate has committed to 10 episodes, and if the show does well, another 90 episodes.

Well, let’s just see in the next coming days.

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