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Christine Reyes saying sorry to Ara Mina through apology letter

Christine Reyes apologized to older sister Ara Mina last Sunday on the ABS CBN showbiz talk show The Buzz. However, it seems Ara was not satisfied with Christine’s apology, calling it “stiff and insincere”.

Because of this, Christine Reyes showed her sincerity to fix things with Ara Mina by sending an apology letter to her older sister. In the letter, Christine stated she was humbly sorry for all the things she said and did that might have hurt Ara and other people.

“I’m hoping that we(referring to Ara Mina) will be okay again. This issue has really dragged on and has included other people. I’m humbly asking for forgiveness from my older sister.”

The letter was approved by the lawyers of Christine Reyes. The actress also expressed her sadness over other people who were judging her, seeing her negatively.

“It’s sad to know there are people who keep judging me, seeing me as insincere. I don’t there’s any person who doesn’t to mend his relationship with those close to him, those he loves.”

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