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Comedy King Dolphy critical but stable

Last time we reported, Comedy King Dolphy was really in a bad condition. According to the latest report, the Comedy King is still in a critical condition, but is stable. This is according to Eric Nubla Jr., from Makati Medical Center and the spokesperson of the Quizon family. The vital signs of Dolphy are functioning well and there were several improvements, especially in his hemoglobin level. It is his platelet and potassium levels which are being monitored closely.

“His hemoglobin has improved, but his platelets and his potassium level are really low. There are blotches on his skin, which could have been caused by his low-platelet count.”

“Because things are stable, updates about Dolphy’s condition will become lesser. The family will also be more stricter with the guests wishing to visit. ”



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