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Couple Caught inside the Train Doing it! Can't They Go Somewhere More Private?

Public indecency is the act of any person or couple who are doing private activity such as masturbation, nudity, and sexual intercourse in public areas. It is very important for people to consider the location or places where they could do such things.

But, as the new generation goes there are some people now who couldn’t hold their temptation and tries to commit those activities in public areas, just like this couple who were caught by the camera in one train station in Taiwan.

The couple tried to cover their body with a jacket while the woman is on top of the guy. People who witnessed the scene couldn’t do anything but to film and captured their romance. They wanted to spread this in order to let people know that this is proper and embarrassing.

Always remember to respect yourself as you wanted people to respect you.

Source: Tomo News
Source: ControversialFiles
Couple Caught inside the Train Doing it! Can’t They Go Somewhere More Private?

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