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Crazy Bukaka Dance By Ellen Adarna Will Surely Make Your Day!

Aside from being one of the most gorgeous Pinays in the showbiz industry, sexy actress Ellen Adarna is loved and adored by her fans because of her ‘genuiness‘. 
Adarna is known for her sexy pictures and attractive looks. She gained thousands of followers on her social media accounts because of her much-awaited posts which not only reveals her physical beauty but as well as her real personality. People admire her for being true in expressing herself despite her ‘celebrity’ status.
The actress also loves to spoil her followers with her funny and hilarious videos which draw different remarks from the netizens. One example of it would be her video singing to a song when she really has no talent in music.
The bubbly actress nailed being hilarious once again!
An article published by Trending News Portal showed Adarna’s video of doing a crazy dance step while on a photoshoot. The gorgeous actress did this awkward dance move while in a stunning hair and make-up set. Her bubbliness made her crew laugh so hard. On the other hand, fans were all praise in admiring her for being ‘hindi maarte’.
Not only did Adarna entertain her crews but she also made her 100,000 viewers smile for the day.
Catch her video here:

Source: Cracker Daily
Crazy Bukaka Dance By Ellen Adarna Will Surely Make Your Day!

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