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Dad Holds A Teddy Bear In His Arms. But When THIS Happens? He is Left Utterly SPEECHLESS.

Last week, the Sullivan family celebrated their father’s birthday. To mark the occasion, Sean and Jenn Sullivan went to build-a-bear workshop. They built him a cute teddy bear that speaks when you squeeze his paw.

When dad opens his gift, he seems to really enjoy the bear. After a few seconds pass, Sean tells him to squeeze the bear’s paw. The bear says “Happy birthday grandpa, we’ll see you in October”.

.The bear just revealed that Sean and Jenn Sullivan were expecting a baby in October. Initially, the bear’s message completely flew over dad’s head. He just laughed it off like it was some sort of weird joke.

However, when he plays the message one more time, it hits him hard. Dad’s jaw literally drops and he is left speechless for a good 30 seconds. After that, his eyes begin to fill with happy tears.

At this point, Sean makes the right call and turns off the camera. He decides to spend the best part of the moment with his family rather than just recording it. We commend Sean for making this decision.

See the precious moment for yourself. Check it out below.

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Dad Holds A Teddy Bear In His Arms. But When THIS Happens? He is Left Utterly SPEECHLESS.

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