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Dad Suddenly Hears A Loud Noise.. When He Looks Outside? He Is Absolutely SHOCKED.

YouTuber user, Kristin Russell, has always had a great amount of respect for her step-father Dave. He came into her life when she was very young and turned out to be an amazing father figure.

Dave played barbies with Kristin, read bedtimes stories to her, coached her softball team, attended her karate tournaments, and did all the things you’d expect from an awesome dad. He was a selfless man whose heart was filled with love.

When Dave married Kristin’s mother he proved his selflessness to the entire family. He gave up his prized 1973 Porsche 914 in order to pay for their wedding. While some men may hesitate to make such a move, Dave never doubted his decision for a second.

After years of being a good husband and father, Kristin decided to do something nice for Dave. She went to Arizona and bought him the car that he sold to marry her mother! I won’t spoil what happens next but I will say that it’s absolutely beautiful.

Take a look below to see the rest of the story.

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Dad Suddenly Hears A Loud Noise.. When He Looks Outside? He Is Absolutely SHOCKED.

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