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Daiana Menezes leaves Eat Bulaga

Why did Daiana Menezes leave Eat Bulaga?

Last April 26, Philippine Entertainment Portal(PEP) was able to interview Daina Menezes. From there, she revealed several things. When asked about leaving top noontime show Eat Bulaga!, according to the Brazilian model/actress, it was a career move.

“I just want to improve my craft and… my taping. I’m very, very thankful to Eat Bulaga!. Walang problema. Tita Malou [Choa-Fagar] is still my manager. It’s just a personal thing…”

What personal thing was Daina Menezes referring to? Is it an internal problem with one of her co-workers with Eat Bulaga?

“Of course, it’s a big issue when you say you left Eat Bulaga!. I have very high respect for them. I’ve been with Eat Bulaga!for five years and what I did was painful. But sometimes, you just have to do a career move really.So I decided… it’s been too long already. After a while, I decided it was time to let go.

No hard feelings?

“No, I never felt burnt out in Eat Bulaga! I have nothing against them. I really don’t have any problems with them.”

Transfer to other networks?

“I’m a free lance now, I can work in different network. I have a segment in Umagang kay Ganda,  please watch out for it. I still have work on TV5 as well as in GMA. You should also watch out for it.”

And another beautiful girl leaves Eat Bulaga. Who will fill the void left by Daiana Menezes? 😀


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