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Dancing With The Stars (DWTS):Kendra Wilkinson is out!


With only three female competitors left were all forced to linger under the spotlight until the final result was announced, it was Kendra Wilkinson and partner Louis Van Amstel who ultimately went home.

Kendra Wilkinson and dancing partner Louis van Amstel

It was not a good night for the ladies on “Dancing With the Stars.

Followers of the show expects low-scoring Romeo who departed in week 7, especially after that debacle at the judges table, but he was declared safe, putting Kendra in the line of fire.

Kendra’s partings words,

“I had the most amazing time, but after seven weeks of being on Dancing with the Stars, it actually made me think about real life,” Wilkinson, 25, tells Parade. “I know what true love is now – and that’s, of course, my son and my husband.”

“Every now and then it’s cool to get dressed up and glamorous, but at the end of the day, I love what’s real and what’s real is family … I’m so happy that I get to be a mom again!”

Aside from saying goodbye, Kendra Wilkinson is somehow glad with what she had achieved from DWTS saying:

“My body is so great now,”

“The different dances did different things, like the Latin dances would shape my thighs and my calves and my butt because of all the twisting. And it would make you sweat, that’s the real calorie burner right there.”

“But the Viennese waltz and the tango, it’s all in the legs,” she says. “You’re doing a full squat for two minutes. It’s more intense than anybody would think. My body’s back into shape and I’m so happy.”

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