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Derek Ramsay not included in ABS CBN promotion of A Secret Affair

After the huge success of No Other Woman, it was only right that Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsay did another romance dram film. The two are paired once again in A Secret Affair, the upcoming movie from Viva Films on October 24. The movie features Anne, Derek and also Andi Eigenmann.

From the title, it can already be gleaned that A Secret Affair is another “3rd party” film. These days, everyone seems to enjoy movies about 3rd parties, seductions, illicit relationships. 😀

Oh, when Anne Curtis promotes “A Secret Affair” on the Kapamilya network ABS CBN, here’s how she will do it:

“Everyone, please watch A Secret Affair. It stars me and Andi Eigenmann. We’re fighting for the affection of a guy.”

Hey Anne, who’s the guy,  doesn’t he have a name? ? Is his name a secret too? He goes by Derek Ramsay right?  That’s how hush hush this movie is, that you can’t even say the name of your leading man?

Apparently, Anne Curtis was by ABS CBN management that she is prohibited from saying Derek Ramsay’s name  whenever she promotes A Secret Affair, like when she appears in Showtime.

So this is how serious the network wars have become. Just because Derek Ramsay is no longer a talent of ABS CBN, he won’t be included in the promotion of the movie at the Kapamilya channel.

Recall that Derek Ramsay was formerly with ABS CBN. When his contract expired, he signed a new deal with the Kapatid network TV5 last April.

The transfer of Derek to TV5 is what seems to have prompted the Kapamilya network not to include him whenever they promote A Secret Affair.

Anne Curtis admits she doesn’t like the idea of not including Derek, or being prohibited from saying his name. However, the actress also knows she has to follow orders, being under contract with ABS CBN.

“I mean, in the beginning, yes, I was frustrated of the thought that I couldn’t even say the name of my leading man on Showtime. But, at the end of the day, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. I mean, they have their own reason so I have to respect that as someone who works for them.”

Derek Ramsay meanwhile appreciates Anne for expressing her concern at not being able to say his name. He says he is upset at being excluded whenever ABS CBN promotes the movie.

“I’m sure they have their reasons. It’s not unfair for me. I’m upset because it’s unfair for Anne. It’s unfair for Andi. It’s unfair for direk Nuel Naval who works there with them. And because of me, they’re affected. That’s why I’m upset.

“But me, I’m ok.”

I hope ABS CBN is aware that the success of No Other Woman wasn’t just because of great “third party acting” from Anne Curtis. Nor was it solely because of Derek Ramsay’s superb portrayal as the fool torn between two lovers, or the brilliance of director Ruel Bayani. It was a collective effort; hard work and dedication to their roles not just by the stars, but also by those behind the scenes.

If A Secret Affair tops the box office charts and enjoys the same success that No Other Woman did, would ABS CBN lay claim to all the glory? Would Anne Curtis and Andi Eigenmann, contract stars of ABS CBN, attribute it solely with the Kapamilya network?

Movie aren’t about TV networks and contracts, they’re about people. Its the beautiful, realistic portrayal of real life drama by the actors and actresses, that’ what sells movie tickets. They don’t care which TV network the stars are under contract with. For as long they could relate the movie’s story, the quotes, and even the places and the dresses worn, that’s what drives positive reviews. That’s what makes us want to watch it again and again.

ABS CBN should reconsider the stand on not including Derek Ramsay in the promotion of the movie. This is show business. There is no room for personal emotions here.


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