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Derek Ramsay saying goodbye to ABS CBN, hello TV5?

It’s not yet formal, according to Derek Ramsay. Which one, his leaving ABS CBN or his transfer to TV5? The former  is very much formal and official.

In an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal(PEP), Derek Ramsay said that he has sent a letter to ABS CBN big boss Gabby Lopez that he will no longer renew his contract with ABS CBN. The decision not to renew, according to Derek, was a decision made by him together with his family.

“Sadly, this was one of the toughest things I made in my life. But the family has come together and we decided that now maybe it’s time for change. We send that e-mail to Mr. Lopez saying that we’re no longer be with Channel 2.”

PEP also received an official statement from ABS CBN regarding Derek Ramsay’s decision to leave the Kapamilya Network, thru Bong Osorio, in charge of ABS CBN Corporate COmmunications.

Derek Ramsay has decided to transfer to TV5. In the past months, ABS CBN did what it could to convince him to stay. But it was hard for Derek not to resist the huge offer made by TV5 to him. We want to thank Derek for the many years he devoted to ABS CBN.”

Derek Ramsay clarified that his decision to leave didn’t have anything to do with money. Also, he has yet to sign an official contract with TV5, which would formally make a member of the Kapatid Network.

“Like I said, everyone is saying that it’s because of money. No, it’s not. Actually, the offer from TV5 is a project that they’re willing to give me. That will probably convince me because it’s designed with my personality, my interest—which I’m always looking forward to Channel 2. Unfortunately, no opportunity was given. And I haven’t appeared in TV for a while. ”

“The offer of TV5 is very nice and catered to my personality. I have always been into sports, and I’d like an opportunity to work in something that is tailored to what I am, what I’m interested and good at.”

When asked what could be his projects in Tv5, Derek Ramsay said that they  are considering “The Amazing Race” and the Olympics for him.


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