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Trending : #DLSUSCANDAL: AJ Ramos and Abbie GF Scandal

Yet another local celebrity hits social media platforms yesterday, but does anyone knows AJ Ramos or even his gf Abbie? According to various blogsites, the two were actually students of Ateneo and not La Salle.

For the followers of UAAP, AJ Ramos might be familiar but some of the Twitter users feels like they wasted their times on this issue.

In his Twitter account(@eejhay_ramos) which is set to private, AJ Ramos thanks those people who prayed for him during this controversial event,

“Thank you for ALL the prayers!” and ended it with a heart-shaped emoticon.

“Good night. God bless all my Twitter friends. Praying for those hurting may God give you comfort.”

“Tired of people putting me down. Don’t talk to me if you have nothing nice to say. As simple as that.”

Aj also sarcastically thanked those people who shared and perhaps keeps sharing his controversial video,

“‘Aj Ramos’ is now trending nationwide & worldwide! Thank you for spreading the link! I hope you guys enjoying! God Bless!

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