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Doctor appeals to fellow supporter to make OPEN LETTER for Duterte viral. Why? Read on

A post asking the Duterte supporters to share a photo of an OPEN LETTER addressed to Mayor Duterte has been making the rounds online.

Dr. Carigma wrote OPEN LETTER to Mayor Duterte

Credits to and Dr. Carigma for the photos

In a Facebook post shared 2129 times and counting as of Saturday morning, netizen and a medical doctor identified as Andrea Carigma wrote a letter appealing to fellow Duterte supporters to share the photo of an OPEN LETTER she published earlier to make it viral, until it reaches Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Why Mayor Duterte needs to read the OPEN LETTER?

In the letter, Dr. Carigma wrote the advice as a huge follower to Mayor Duterte: practice self-restraint amidst the worsening crap thrown at him on a daily basis as the rival camps are intensifying their attacks two weeks before election day.

Dr. Carigma wrote the letter because she expresses alarmed that all these black propaganda might weigh Mayor Duterte and it already shows in his retorts which are getting worse according to her.

Honestly, I (and a dear friend) think that he is already having too much of all the crap thrown at him on a daily basis, and all his retorts are getting worse by the day because he is just so tired of getting bashed non-stop. His criticisms won’t stop because he is a strong contender.

Furthermore, the OPEN LETTER also gives an assurance to Mayor Duterte that despite the black propaganda being thrown at him, his supporters are SOLIDLY behind him until the end, and VICTORY is secured in the polls.

READ THE FULL LETTER BELOW which I wrote by hand based on the photo for your enjoyment.

Dear Mayor Duterte,

You don’t know me, but I, like the rest of the Philippines, have been seeing your actions, hearing your words EVERYDAY in the news.

In my efforts to know to have an informed vote, I have watched countless videos, and read one article after another. Amongst everything that I have seen about every candidate, you impressed me – with your true dedication to service and resistance to being corrupted.


There is strong hand behind the Philippine government that keeps the Filipinos in a constantly dismal state – like a captive repeatedly raped EVERY SINGLE DAY – leaving the Filipinos oppressed EVERY SINGLE DAY. A strong hand wrought in gold and gems. I know you know what I mean by this. This strong hand is the same hand that devastates you day after day – working behind people as pawns. It knows you are capable of something great. It knows that you leading the country, all the stolen gold and gems will go to where they should really go – to the Filipino people.


It seems – with all the retort you have let out in response to criticism – that you are tired of all these that somehow, you don’t want to finish the race that you have started.

I, and a lot of Filipinos still believes in you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS RACE. We are one with you. We want the Philippines to be better, and we want you with us.

We – you and your supporters, me included – have the same weakness, UMAALMA TAYO SA BATIKOS.

That is why I am rallying every supporter you have to be resilient to every negation thrown at them – TO HAVE A BAN ON BASHING. NO MORE NEGATIVE REMARKS, because sometimes, SILENCE IS SHARPER THAN A BLADE THAT CAN KILL. At this point this is our best defense. Halos two weeks na lang Sir, kaya natin yan.

I know you are fond of sarcasm. So let us gave Ms. Zafra a taste of her own medicine.

Mayor Duterte, you represent what we want – what we are hungry for. WE ARE HUNGRY FOR SOMETHING BETTER. I believe that you have it in you.


You have my faith and mg hope. Do not disappoint me.

Sincerely (I know I’ll be getting some bashing after this, but as I promised – I will keep silent.)

Andrea Q. Carigma, M.D.

What has Ms. Zafra got to do with the Mayor Duterte and in the OPEN LETTER?

Ms. Jessica Zafra wrote an article explaining why Mayor Duterte is clicking with a lot of Filipino voters.

According to Ms. Zafra, Mayor Duterte is your ID.

The id is the part of your personality that contains your most basic instincts. It is where your needs, wants, desires, impulses, sex drives, aggressive drives come from. It is not affected by reality, logic, right or wrong. It only has one master, and that is the pleasure principle. It wants immediate satisfaction, it does not care how.

The id is your infant self, your inner monster, before civilization got to you. Before culture, rules, morality and playing well with others. Naturally you want to give in to your id. You can’t. You are no longer an infant. You are a thinking human being, coexisting with other human beings, and no matter how you feel about these others, you have an obligation towards them. If you give in to the monster inside you, you unleash chaos. You have this power.

Please read the entire article by clicking the link to get a good grasp of what she wrote about Mayor Duterte as our id.

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Doctor appeals to fellow supporter to make OPEN LETTER for Duterte viral. Why? Read on

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