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Don’t Take Your Eyes Off This…What The Camera Caught Is Downright Unbelievable!

Justin Rollins decided to become a soldier after the September 11 terrorist attacks. Traumatized by the events like millions of Americans, he wanted to fight for and protect his country.

Then one day, his family received a phone call telling them that Justin was killed in combat. The only things left were pictures of him and his teammates holding puppies in their arms, which they found beneath a toilet in Iraq.

After flying Justin’s body home, soldiers asked his mother, Rhonda, if there was anything they could do for her.

That was when she asked them if they could get her one of the puppies that Justin held in Iraq.

It was difficult, but they accomplished the mission. They successfully sent one of the stray dogs to New Hampshire and they ended up naming her Hero.

While being interviewed about adopting Hero, the most unbelievable thing was captured on camera. It will give you chills.

Watch the video below to find out!

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Don’t Take Your Eyes Off This…What The Camera Caught Is Downright Unbelievable!

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