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Duterte Apologizes for Death of Kanter, a German Hostage

The Abu Sayyaf’s 70-year-old hostage, Jurgen Kanter was beheaded on Sunday as the demand of 30 million pesos was not paid by the government.

Last November 7, Katner’s vessel was found wandering in the Southern Philippines with the lifeless body of his companion, Sabine Merz who had been shot. The Abu Sayyaf then claimed that they held Katner as their hostage.


The Abu Sayyaf was known for kidnapping foreigners and locals for high amount of ransoms in exchange for their lives. They have been hiding in the remote islands in the Southern Philippines. The Abu Sayyaf has earned huge amounts of money (in dollars) as they rarely release any hostages unless the ransom was already paid.

Although it has been said that Katner was already dead, Military officials are still searching for his body and still pursuing to rescue the 20 more hostages.

Duterte addressed the German government and Katner’s family and apologized about Katner’s death. He also emphasized that the ransom still should not be paid as this will only fuel the Abu Sayyafs; usually, relatives of the hostages pay for the ransom rather than the government itself.

Duterte also repeated his request for China to help the Philippine Military to stop the kidnapping; unfortunately China hasn’t given him any response.

Source: DefinitelyFilipino
Duterte Apologizes for Death of Kanter, a German Hostage

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