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Duterte to Terrorists: “I Will Eat Your Liver Raw with Salt and Vinegar!”

Terrorism is a major problem in many areas of the world, including the Philippines. Different leaders have different approach against this problem but Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte did not mince words when the warned terrorists in the country, saying he would eat their liver raw with salt and vinegar!

Speaking in front of the attendees of the 64th Araw ng Hagonoy in Davao del Sur, southern Philippines, the president slammed the Abu Sayyaf Group for beheading two Vietnamese hostages in Basilan.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News

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He felt angry that the hostages were beheaded, especially because the country once again has to explain the incident to Vietnam and the international community. When some Vietnamese fishermen were arrested for poaching in Philippine waters, they were later released to avoid diplomatic issues but this recent beheading has gotten on the president’s nerves.

Kan-on pa nako imong atay kung gusto ka. Tagai ko ug asin ug suka, diba kilawon ko na sa imong atubangan!” he warned the terrorists.

(I will eat your liver if you want. Give me salt and vinegar, and I will it raw in front of you!)

Pork Kilawin
Photo: Panlasang Pinoy

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While his angry words might once again be construed as ‘barbaric’ and ‘cannibalistic’ by the international community, it appears that the president was merely saying those words out of anger but would surely not mean it literally.

But these terrorists should be warned that the president is serious when he expressed his anger against the group.

Source: DefinitelyFilipino
Duterte to Terrorists: “I Will Eat Your Liver Raw with Salt and Vinegar!”

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